One year.

52 weeks.

365 days.

8760 hours.

525,600 minutes since we officially took over The Fleur De Lys.

Some days it feels like I can remember every single moment and others I am left scratching my head and wondering where the time went. Wasn’t it only yesterday we were luxuriating in days off and social lives in Bristol…?

Well, such is the level of exhaustion we’re currently experiencing that I can’t quite find the adjectives to describe our first year at the helm of the Good Ship Fleur. I’m not sure how to put into words all the things we’ve learnt, or how to explain to you the tumultuous rollercoaster that can be a single day – let alone a whole year – in the lives of your humble hosts.

Suffice to say, this is the best decision we’ve ever made. We are more satisfied and content than we had anticipated and that far outweighs all the days that equate to nothing more than unfiltered bum nuggets.

We literally couldn’t have come this far without a stellar supporting cast though. Like any close family who spend way too much time together, there are times when we all want to kill each other, but actually we know and love our team like you wouldn’t believe. I just tried to name-check them all but I got to 15 names and realised it was a boring paragraph, so just take it as read that we appreciate you guys so much, even when we have to yell at you!

None of it would be worth it if we didn’t have any customers though and, luckily, we’ve got some of the very best customers that a patron could wish for. Those who come in every week, those who bring us stuff and help us out, those who feel more like family than general public, those who believe in us and welcomed us and make us feel proud to be part of something bigger than ourselves. From the tourists on the narrow boats who may never return to our extended gaggle of loving, local peasants: we are grateful to you all and humbled by your support.

Thank you to everyone who has returned to The Fleur over the past 12 months. It is a genuine delight to see the pub buzzing again. It is our privilege to try and facilitate the best experience you could have here and we only hope that the rest of our custodianship is as much of a blast as this year has been.

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Slowly but surely you helped to breathe life back into the place. You filled it up with love and laughter. You have dragged it back from obscurity to place it back into the heart of the community.



Like so many others, we got into this trade because we love sharing these little boltholes with others and watching you enjoy them and make memories to cherish between these walls. We do it because we like a bit of banter whilst pouring a beer. We’ve always believed in doing the best we can with the circumstances we’ve got.


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