Doing our weekly checks of The Bulls Head during lockdown and seeing it so empty reminded us of the shell of a pub we took over. When we ventured down the road from Lowsonford to open the doors for the first time, this beautiful old boozer felt neglected and sad; the jewel in the village’s crown that had faded and been forgotten.

But since then, you have proved what a valuable asset the pub is to the village. Slowly but surely you helped to breathe life back into the place. You filled it up with love and laughter. You have dragged it back from obscurity to place it back into the heart of the community. 

Accordingly, we’ve spent the last three months fighting to make sure our temporary closure remains just that: temporary. Having spent four years battling against the rising costs of beer, rent and rates, we really didn’t want Coronavirus to be the nail in our coffin, but there has been absolutely no certainty that we can afford to keep going in a post-Covid world where trade is evidently predicted to fall. It’s been somewhat of an anxious wait trying to get information from the brewery and understand more fully what the fate of the pub might be.

However, whilst we don’t have an actual date for reopening (at the time of writing) nor any clear guidance of how fully we’ll be able to operate, we will be back open. Things are going to be really tough for a while but we can promise you that Gemma, Abbie and the team will do everything they can to ensure you still have a friendly, welcoming and, most importantly, a safe space that you can visit.

Now, more than ever, we need the support of this brilliant, friendly and generous community, though. You have done so much to lift The Bulls Head from that sad, empty space it was in 2016. You have loved it and helped it to flourish. We cannot thank you enough for this, but like pubs everywhere, we’re going to need you to cherish it to see us through these turbulent times. 

If you normally visit for a quick pint, maybe you could consider adding a sandwich to your order. If you’ve had to delay personal or family celebrations, perhaps you could arrange a slap-up meal here once lockdown is lifted. If you know anyone who’s been struggling in isolation, perhaps you could treat them to a coffee and a natter in our garden (or perhaps in front of the fire, depending on this schizophrenic summertime!). 

Whatever reason you have, we would absolutely love to welcome you back in. It’s only through your patronage that The Bulls Head can continue in its current incarnation. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of your messages and well-wishes for the team over the last few months. We’re so excited to see you again but in the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves.

Emma, Nick & Billy Woodhouse 

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Like so many others, we got into this trade because we love sharing these little boltholes with others and watching you enjoy them and make memories to cherish between these walls. We do it because we like a bit of banter whilst pouring a beer. We’ve always believed in doing the best we can with the circumstances we’ve got.


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