I want to be completely transparent with you: this blog is more for my mental health than to harvest your data. As such, there’s no ulterior motive when it comes to what I’m writing about – it’s just stories from my life.

Having said that, should I ever mention products, brands or companies outside of Clogginns Pub Company Ltd, I will always make it clear if these are promotional endorsements rather than my usual waffle.

I do not retain any data beyond that submitted in the course of contacting me via email. I will only retain any personal data for the duration of our conversation and will never, ever pass them to any third parties. I’m far too exhausted from trying to run two pubs at once to do anything nefarious with your details.

Like all websites, this one uses cookies, but you can disable them for your browser if they’re not the type of cookies you usually eat.

Blogging is always changing, but as this one is more for me to purge my sins than try to sell you stuff, I will remain true to my values to keep your inbox clutter-free and your personal information secure.

Any questions? Feel free to email me!


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